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Simple IoT Sensor solution with high performance and high capabilities for your production. Quick implementation for even advanced monitoring.

Sensohive Use Cases

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Smart monitoring of your business.

As a customer you can log-in and monitor your sensors from your own device  and document all environmental changes, your way to optimize your production and decrease waste production?

Sensohive temperature and humidity sensor

Quick look at the features


A wireless and robust sensor measuring temperature and humidity every 5 min for years without the need for new batteries with a range up to 1 km.

IoT Network

The Sensor data is gather by our own developed Sensor IoT Network exactly developed for the purpose for handling low energy wireless sensors

Software Analytics

All data is visualized in our web interface and thereby accessible world wide on your smart phone, tablet or pc. We have developed the needed toolbox for your in order to work with your data directly in the interface.

Alarm and Integration

Get notices by our alarm solution and integrate our data directly into your own application with our RESTful web APIs.

Interested in IIoT and industry 4.0?

Start optimize today

Are you looking for ways to optimize your production and decrease waste production? Do you want to get insight and control of what is going on during the production process?

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What we offer

Sensohive is a company, which provides sensor-based production optimization solutions for a range of company sizes and branches. We can help you to increase production efficiency and process automatization for your company.

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Become a partner

We are always in close collaboration with our customers and partners to ensure that our products and services are easy to integrate, up to date, and most importantly, easy to use. Become a partner or reseller of Sensohive – contact us today!

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