Sensohive App

Monitor and analyze your data

Check your sensor data

The Sensohive App is a web application you can use to get easy access to the data from the Orbit sensors – in a simple and user-friendly interface.

Our Sensohive App enables you to see the measurements from your sensors and allows you to analyze the data, export the data, setup alarms, locate your sensors using the Sigfox Geolocation service and setup different widgets on the dashboard for your needs.

In other words, the Sensohive App covers most customers’ requirements.

Screenshot Sensohive App

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the Sensohive App

Chart View

See and examine the sensor data as a visual graph and obtain the best insight. Display the data for a single day or for a whole month in one chart and hover over to see detailed information.


Let the system keep an eye and receive notifications for each device. Set the upper and lower temperature and humidity level and receive alarms on SMS or email when the set limits are exceeded.


The Sensohive App enables you to locate and track your sensor. Access the geolocation data delivered by Sigfox within the web application to see an approximate location of your sensor.


Create customized 3-day graph views and show the measurements from the sensors of your choosing. Get a clear overview of the data across several sensors using our widget functionality.


Download the data from every sensor and save it locally on your computer as a CSV file to open in Excel. Export data from a specific date or download up to 30 days of sensor data at once.

Access everywhere

The sensor data is accessible from any device (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.) that is connected to the Internet through the Sensohive App. Monitor and analyze your data from anywhere.

Multiple users

Provide access to the application to all the different relevant people within your organization – with each their own account and login – so everyone can keep track of the data and receive notifications.

API Integration

Need more options or have other requirements? Integrate the data into other systems like IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Power BI or even your own software application with ease using our API.

Want to monitor and analyze the data from your sensors in a simple solution?