Real-time monitoring of concrete

Why use Maturix?

Maturix, developed by Sensohive, enables easy and affordable monitoring of concrete curing in real-time – all showed in a user-friendly software solution.

Maturix is used by leading construction companies all over Europe to increase capacity/productivity because they now know when the concrete is ready to progress. Besides that, companies benefit from reduced waste, reduced energy consumption (less heating during curing) and much more.

How does Maturix work?

A concrete sensor cable is mounted to the reinforcement before the wet concrete is used. The thermocouple is connected to our Orbit K transmitter and the monitoring is started on the smartphone or PC.

The user is hereafter able to follow the strength and maturity and get notified by SMS, e-mail or appnotification or on customized dashboards when the curing is done. All data is stored and saved in reports ready to share. Easy, simple and affordable solution to monitor concrete.

Drawing of concrete monitoring

What is Maturix?

Maturix is a software solution for construction companies and precast element productions to monitor the curing process of concrete.

All data is gathered using wireless sensors into an intuitive software platform. Real-time maturity calculations are made and future projections on concrete strength are made based on machine learning.

Maturix Software example

Use Cases

The software solution Maturix is used for in-situ casting to monitor the curing process of concrete in real-time.

Using Maturix to monitor concrete elements enables production optimization, ensures high quality and decreases waste and costs.

Want to get real-time insight and optimize your concrete production?