We bring IoT to life

IoT is one of the largest mega trends 2017, but there still only exist a few good examples on successful implemented IoT solutions – but this is about to change.

We believe in a down to earth approach, where we focus on core needs from our clients. Implementing the best suitable technologies in order to solve their needs.

Elements of IoT

We help our clients to solve their problems from A to Z by offering a complete solution within IoT. We do this by helping our clients to combine the right elements of IoT in order to fit their purpose and need.





Service & Implementation


Access data where you are

We have made data easy accessible to you trough our software platform or our fully supported API. Check your data and setup alarms on your PC or smart phone

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Become a partner

Sensohive’s partnership program is designed to maximize effectiveness and efficiency in the collaboration between Sensohive and our partners. We believe that strong partnerships come from understanding your own business – as well as the businesses of your key-partners.

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Automatic temperature documentation

Wireless sensors enables you to decrease risk of failure and ensures you to constantly
keep track of temperature in all your cooling units. We already now keep track on several
hundred restaurants, food productions and similar, who all need to document temperatures

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Automatic documentation and production monitoring

Embedding wireless sensors in the concrete help both insitu-concreting and precast
element concrete productions to optimize and keep tracking on the hardening process

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Easy climate monitoring

Our wireless temperature and humidity Orbit 3 sensor help greenhouse
owners to monitor climate variations in their large greenhouses.

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Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring and documentation

Wireless temperature sensors help you optimize your cold chain documentation.
Affordable and robust sensors and an effective choice of solution for keeping track on your full supply chain

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Simple implementation of a wireless climate solution

Easy and affordable implementation of wireless climate sensors in order to keep
track of your production and stock areas. You are monitoring your area within
a few minuts without an expensive installation

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