We help food companies
digitalize food safety!

Who are we?

Sensohive is a Danish company on a mission to help all food companies to digitalize food safety. We believe in helping food automating all mandatory documentation and make them focus on what they are good at – serving well-tasting foods for happy clients – and not spend valuable time on the mandatory documentation.

We bring additional insight about the business and keep optimize processes for our clients with new available technologies.

What do we offer?

Sensohive offers a turn-key solution for food companies to digitize food safety. Many food companies struggle to keep control and remember documentation of things like temperatures and cleaning. We have made it easy. We offer a full solution for automating temperature documentation and makes the data available on dashboards.


Co-founder and CEO

Tobias Ejersbo

Co-founder and COO

Tim Larsen

Co-founder and CTO



Peter Haagerup

Hardware and electronics

Thomas Juhl

Board member

Awards and Prizes

Sensohive is an award-winning start up business – We are grateful for having received endorsements from many parties.