About Sensohive

Our Vision

We were frustrated after years of working with data and wireless sensor solutions that you couldn’t create an easy, affordable and robust sensor solution within the industrial sector. We founded Sensohive in November 2014, with the aim to make it easy to collect, analyze and understand value data for your business through wireless sensor solution.

In 2016 we launched the first sensor series, which is now widely used within both the agricultural- and the food industry.

In 2017 we decided to launch our own application for the construction industry called Maturix. Maturix is one of the most advanced solution for concrete monitoring in the world. The solution is already now used by leading companies within the construction industry to monitor the curing process of concrete.

We believe Sensohive will be able to help businesses to enhance the benefits of utilizing wireless sensors and gain the needed insight. We hope you will join us on our mission.


Casper, Co-founder and CEO

Casper Harlev
CEO & Co-Founder

The Team

Casper, Co-founder and CEO

Casper Harlev
CEO & Co-Founder

Tobias Ejersbo
CTO & Co-Founder

Tim Larsen
COO & Co-Founder

Thomas Juhl
Business Development

Rasmus Uhre
Product Manager


Alina Hurciuc
Sales and Technical Representative


Mathias Jensen
Tech Support & Warehouse

Nicolaj Team Sensohive

Nicolaj Rosander

Dennis van Beersel
Software Developer

Simon Frederiksen
Software Developer


Larisa Ontiu
Digital Designer

Marina Salvador
Instruction Designer

Rebeka Perger
Sales Assistant


Erika Juodeikyte
Operations Assistant

Christian Team

Christian Skjerning
Project Development

Karin Brønserud
Head of Outbound Sales

Awards and Recognitions

Sensohive is an award-winning company. We are grateful and proud to have received several noteworthy honors and endorsements for our solutions.