How we use our technology stack


We provide state-of-the-art sensors and software solutions to a wide variety of industries and customers.


Sensors enables you to monitor and follow the curing process of concrete. Insights facilitate the optimization of workflows and further reduce risks. 

Food Safety

Freshness is essential for vegetables, dairy and meat or fish. Continuous monitoring and documenting of storing conditions maintain the food quality.


Automated monitoring of temperature and humidity of products during their delivery, the processing and inside the storing facilities enhances and maintains the overall quality.

Smart City

Weather management with IoT enables the optimization of salt usage in winter. This reduces costs for the municipality yet keeping roads safe.


Weather management for sowing checking storage conditions after the harvest – many working steps can be optimized with sensors measuring and humidity.

Pharma & Health

Vaccinations and drugs are very sensitive in their storing. Sensors enable controlling, maintaining and documenting the optimal storing conditions at hospitals or pharmacies.

Indoor climate

Optimal climate conditions boost well-being, mood and the ability to concentrate. With a sensor solution, temperature and humidity can be measured, monitored and controlled.


Warehouse & Storage

Maintaining product quality during the storing is ensured with the use of humidity and temperature sensors to measure, monitor and document conditions.


IoT and sensors can be used for a variety of cases: saunas or maintaining fire training equipment, the possible application areas are endless.