Partner program

Sensohive offers a to become a part of a strong partnership program for reselling sensors and software solutions offered by Sensohive. The partnership program offers you to become a part of a growing reseller community in a fast growing IoT-market. We believe in being transparent and working closely together with out partners.

Become an agent

Find new potential clients in the Sensohive Agent Program. You are paid commission basis, if your leads end up as Sensohive clients, but do not have any further requirements to support or product risks. We supply you with all the needed material to get started.

What do we offer our agents?

  • Presented at
  • Marketing and sales materials
  • Agent assistant service (training, sales and support)
  • Product and market news feed


  • Geographically designated territory
  • Act professionally and within the ethics by Sensohive towards leads and clients
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Become a distributor

Become a distributor to resell or integrate the sensor and software to your own end-client. As a distributor of Sensohive products you will be supporter and offered the needed training in the product to sell and support the solution

What do we offer our distributor?

  • Presented at
  • Marketing materials with own logo
  • Training in product and support
  • Software to easy manage clients


  • End-users
  • Stock
  • Provide installation, repairs, delivery, support, and after sales service
  • Enter your own agreement with end-client
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