Aarsleff uses Maturix

Latest Case Study: Aarsleff BIZ boosts efficiency with Maturix

How Aarsleff BIZ cut down the concrete curing time by half with wireless sensors and real-time insight

Read the latest Case Study about how Aarsleff BIZ uses Maturix on a daily basis. Maturix is a smart solution to monitor the concrete curing process in real-time with wireless IoT sensors. The insights help to reduce the curing time of concrete elements.
Aarsleff BIZ is a precast factory in Poland producing extensive elements and their feedback has been great:

"The system is really easy to understand - also for people who haven’t used the Maturity Method and calculations themselves. It is made user friendly and a lot simpler than it is described in all those scientific articles! There really is a balance between keeping it simple and easy to use but still having all the concrete knowledge integrated!"

Tomasz Dubrawski Concrete Quality Engineer, Aarsleff BIZ