Remote maintenance prediction of firefighter training facilities


Fire can be a strong force of nature beyond one’s control. Firefighters are fighting to get the control back every day. They are often confronted with the unpredictability of heat and also risk their lives. Continuous training is necessary – and instruction and exercise take up a lot of time.

One element used for training are insulated containers. Those are designed for temperatures between 600 and 1000°C, and to provide security, the insulation has to be preventively maintained after a set number of fires. As one training consists of several fires, it is difficult to keep track of the numbers of fires for each container. Another additional challenge is that the training is also performed in isolated areas or tunnels, where no internet connection is available.


Productivix uses the Orbit K sensor in combination with a high-temperature type K thermocouple and their own custom-developed software to measure, monitor and evaluate in the extreme environment of fire drills. The system helps to keep track of the current state of the insulation as the number of fires and temperatures are continuously and automatically documented.

This ensures that the insulation in use is still in good order and is not over-used, but at the same time ensures to keep service costs low, since the containers are maintained at the optimal time. This is especially useful to improve the situation analysis, planning preventive maintenance and therefore enhance the basis of decision-making.

The sensors monitor and count the fires and the data is available in real-time from a safe distance accessible from any device. As the system uses the Sigfox global IoT network, the measuring and data collection is independent of available Wi-Fi connection.


  • Measurements of extreme temperatures (up to around 1200 °C) with a high-temperature type K thermocouple
  • No need of internet connection close to training facilities with devices measuring, therefore also applicable in tunnels or areas without Wi-Fi
  • Reduce the risk of overexploitation of training material in fire drills
  • Enables optimal planning and timing of mantainance
  • Safe money through optimal mantainance
  • Enables data-based decision making
  • Get data in real-time accessible from anywhere at any time


About Productivix

Productivix is specialist of custom innovative design of distant mobile solutions for measuring, data-collection, may be linked to IoT (such as the Orbit devices from Sensohive), mobile scanning and traceability solutions with barcoding or RFID.

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