Temperature Monitoring in Canteens

Many canteens are required to do self-monitoring due to regulations on the area. The self-monitoring consists of, for instance, temperature documentation of fridges and freezers in which food is stored. Herein, daily logging of the temperatures must be done with a pre-installed thermometer.

This task can be resource demanding, and it can shift the focus away from the customer service in the canteen. Therefore, Sensohive has developed a complete sensor solution to automatize temperature monitoring and temperature documentation for canteens. All you must do is to place a small sensor within the fridge or freezer of your choice, which will then automatically transfer the temperature data directly to the Sensohive Cloud Platform. Also, notifications of the current temperatures can be sent to you, and you will be able to download PDF reports of the data.

Benefits for You

An automatic wireless monitoring of the temperature in canteens will contribute to ensure a high level of food safety, and it will furthermore make the documentation and logging for the authorities a lot easier. By implementing the wireless sensors, you will get to:

  • Do the self-monitoring of cooling and freezing units automatically.
  • Save energy by adjusting the fridges correctly.
  • Get notified if the temperature gets too high.

The Solution

Sensohive has created a stabile sensor and software solution that will automatically document the temperatures in canteens. By purchasing the sensor solution, you will get access to:

  • Wireless temperature sensors.
  • PDF reports with the required documentation of the temperatures in your canteen.
  • SMS and/or e-mail notifications.
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