Temperature Monitoring in Slaughterhouses

Maintaining good hygiene is an essential part of running a well-functioning slaughterhouse, in order to provide its customers with high quality products. One of the main aspects of securing good hygiene is through effective self-monitoring of the temperatures within the slaughterhouse.

Sensohive has developed an automatic temperature monitoring and logging solution, which can withstand the hardy environments of the slaughterhouse. The solution is an IP68 approved sensor solution.

Benefits for You:

Manual documentation tasks within the slaughterhouse will become obsolete with the use of automatized temperature registration. Furthermore, you will get to document these parameters, even though the person in charge of this might be on vacation or sick at home. The system will constantly monitor the temperature and notify you if the temperature exceeds the desired amount. Sensohive´s temperature monitoring solution gives you the ability to:

  • Automatize documentation tasks.
  • Get notified if the temperature gets too high.
  • Save energy.

The solution will make you feel safe when it comes to the monitoring of your fridges and freezers.

The Solution

Sensohive has made the best sensor solution when it comes to price, the quality of the product, and the integration of the system. The solution consists of:

  • Wireless temperature sensors.
  • Temperature reports.
  • SMS and/or e-mail notification in case of the temperature being too high.
  • Hardy IP68 sensors.
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