Temperature Monitoring of Supply Chains

A cold chain is a temperature controlled supply chain where the temperature of the transported products has to be verified to ensure that it has not exceeded the permitted limits. The permitted limits depend on the type of products that are being transported. However, it is often products such as agricultural products, fish and seafood, frozen food, and chemicals and drugs that are affected by these permitted limits.

In the case of a breach of the permitted limits, it can be difficult to verify the time of the breach afterwards – for instance, if the temperature has been too high during transportation. Furthermore, given the logistical circumstances, it is near impossible to get notified when such a breach happens on the go. However, Sensohive has solved this issue with a sensor solution for monitoring the temperature during transportation. Sensohive´s ”Orbit” sensor series will make you capable of live monitoring the temperature of your shipment, and get the recorded data directly into the transportation truck´s cab.

This adds a new dimension to the monitoring of supply chains, and it will furthermore make it easier for you to ensure that everything is in order during transportation.

Benefits for You

It can be difficult to systematically monitor the temperature and document it in supply chains during transportation and in between driver shifts. With the solution from Sensohive, you will be able to systematically record and collect the needed data and documentation in order to comply with the rules and regulations in the field. By implementing a sensor solution from Sensohive, you will get to:

  • Systematically and safely collect the required data.
  • Receive complete documentation in order to comply with the rules and regulations in the field.
  • Be notified directly in case of exceeding temperatures.

The Solution

Sensohive has developed a wireless sensor solution for the monitoring of temperatures on stationary locations and moving cargo transportation. The sensor solution is robust, and there has been made no compromise on the accuracy of the measuring unit. Sensohive´s solution for monitoring cold chains consists of:

  • Wireless temperature sensors.
  • SMS and/or e-mail notifications.
  • Access to the data by mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Access to the data by multiple users.
  • The possibility of several geographical locations.
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