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  • How do I improve the battery life of my devices?

    To improve the battery life of your Orbit 3 or Orbit K ensure that you have configured your sensors to transmit according to your requirements. 

    The battery life varies according to the conditions and the transmission interval. The more frequent, the faster the battery will deplete.

    It is important that you choose the right setup for your use-case. If you don’t need to have data every 10 minutes, but every second hour will suffice, then you will experience a significant difference in battery life.

  • Are the devices waterproof?


    The Orbit devices have been designed to be compact, with a nice design, that fits most industrial environments, but are not designed for submersion into water or outdoor use without cover.

    The Orbit 3 has a humidity sensor with an IP67 filter membrane, but the device itself is not IP67 rated. However, the Orbit 3 works well for e.g. temperature monitoring of fridges and cold storage for the food and retail industry.

    The Orbit K can be placed inside our tough box, which makes it waterproof and more durable, for harder industrial applications, e.g. for concrete monitoring at a construction site.

  • How does the tapping function work?
  • Can I use your devices without using your platform?


    You can integrate into your own application and obtain data from the devices through our API service. We also offer hardware-only purchases, where you handle the Sigfox subscriptions.

    Contact sales for a quote.

  • How do I activate my devices?

    Activation of devices

    Before you can access the data from your devices, you need to activate them.

    To activate your devices, please go to the Product Activation. Fill out the form with all the required information and your devices will be active within 24 hours after submission.

    • If you want your location to have a specific name, please provide this in the “Additional Comments” field, otherwise we will use your Company Name.
    • If you want to add more devices to your existing location, please provide the Location ID (can be found under “Settings” in the Sensohive App)

    Creation of user accounts

    The information entered during the device activation will be used to create a user account for the Sensohive App. You will receive an invitation to your new location by email after activation.

    • If you would like additional users to have access, you can enter the details under “Additional User Accounts” (name + email required) during activation.
    • If you have already activated, you can do it under “Settings” in the Sensohive App.

    Click on Accept the invitation in the email and your browser will open a new tab. Choose your country, enter your phone number, and type in your desired password.

    After filling the form, click on Sign in and you can log in with your email and newly created password.

    Try checking the “Updates” and “Spam” folder if you don’t receive an invitation within 24 hours. If you still haven’t received anything, please contact support.
  • Which thermocouples can I use with the Orbit K?

    You can use type K thermocouples with the Orbit K.

    Other types of thermocouples are not supported.

  • Which batteries do you recommend?

    There are two main types of single-use batteries: Alkaline and lithium.

    Alkaline batteries are suitable for normal applications, where lithium batteries are more ideal for applications below 5 °C/41 °F (e.g. for fridges, freezers, and cold storage).

    By using alkaline batteries, the system can provide an estimation of the battery status. However, this is not possible with lithium batteries, since they have a discharge curve with an abrupt drop in voltage just before its end of life. Instead, you can set up notifications for “Radio Silence” in Sensohive App.

    We recommend purchasing high-quality batteries with good reviews from trusted brands. Here are some examples:

    Alkaline: Fujitsu Premium, Panasonic Evolta, VARTA High Energy (LONGLIFE Max Power / LONGLIFE Power), Duracell Ultra Power, and alike…

     Cheaper than lithium
     Battery status estimation
    ✖ Bad performance at low temperatures
    ✖ Lower capacity

    Lithium: Energizer Ultimate Lithium

     Longer lifetime
     Ideal for temperatures below 5 °C/41 °F
    ✖ Battery status estimation
    ✖ More expensive

    Batteries must be AA, 1.5 V.
    Rechargeable batteries are often only 1.2 V and are not supported.
  • How long do you store data?

    You are able to access the data from your devices for up to three years back, while you are a client.

    If you want to keep the data for longer, you need to export it.

  • What is IoT?

    IoT stands for Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the network of devices that contain electronics, software, and connectivity, allowing them to connect, interact and exchange data.

    It has become much easier and cheaper to connect everything with the Internet via different methods. When we mention everything, we literally mean everything. It can be anything from furniture, walls, and machines with incorporated sensors, to many different kinds of technologies, which can transmit data to cloud platforms. Some popular consumer IoT products are Philips Hue, Google Home, Nest Thermostats, August Smart Lock, etc.

    Many experts and companies, such as Gardner and McKinsey have high expectations that many more units will get connected in the years to come.

    In Sensohive we believe that IoT gets really interesting when intelligent technology is combined with real-life problems and is able to create value for users in their daily lives. This is when IoT goes from being an abstract term to actually creating solutions that matter.

    What is IIoT?

    IIoT stands for Industrial Internet of Things and is the use of IoT technologies in industrial and production sectors.

    IIoT uses technologies, such as machine learning, big data, and AI through data from sensors and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication to automatize, optimize and keep track of different processes of production.

    People have used these kinds of technologies for many years. However, it has become much more necessary and easier to keep an eye on these data – live from one’s production via new technologies and networks, such as cloud computing and Sigfox.

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