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Last update: 16th July 2020
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Login to Sensohive App

To login to the Sensohive App please visit:


  • Dashboard – See data from several sensors at once
  • Devices – Overview of all your devices
    • Under Devices you can click on each device and insight into the data from that device
  • Settings – See current user information and overview of locations you have access to
  • Locations – Change between the different locations you have access to
  • Sign Out – Log out of the Sensohive App
  • API docs – Find the documentation for the Sensohive API Service


Every device is shown with an illustration, the device type, its name (the sensor ID by default), the last transmission, and the latest measurement data.

If you click on See more on one of the devices you will see all the data, information and settings for that single device.



In the top you have a graph showing the data in a simple visual way. By hovering over the graph lines, you are able to see information about each data point. In the screenshot below, the mouse cursor is hovered over the last part of the temperature graph line.

Click on Graph settings below the graph to change the data interval. The interval can be a single day (double-click the specific date) or a range of up to 30 days (click the start and end date).

One day:

Five days:

30 days:

Export data

To export the data shown in the graph, click on Download .csv below the graph to start the download.

The CSV-file includes all the data from the chosen data interval. If you have chosen e.g. the last two weeks of data, then this is what you will export.

Currently you can only export up to 30 days of data at once.

Device Settings

Click on Device settings to open a pop-up and change the settings for the specific device.

You can change the name of the device and add a description, e.g. the physical placement, to be able to distinguish your devices.

Changing transmission interval

Change the transmission interval (how often the device sends data) and the measurement interval (how often it measures).

With the settings as on the image above, the sensor will measure four times (every 7 minute and 30 seconds) before sending the data (every 30 minutes).

Currently you can only change the intervals for Orbit 3 devices from the Sensohive App. If you would like to change the intervals for Orbit K devices, please contact support.

The more frequent transmission interval, the higher battery consumption!


Activate notifications to get alarms if the set levels are exceeded. It can be set both for temperature and humidity levels. Simply click [On] for those of your interest and enter the limit value.

You can also turn on “Radio Silence” if you want notifications when no data has been received from the devices within the chosen time period from its last transmission.

Choose the receivers in the bottom of the pop-up box and choose whether they should be notified by SMS and/or email.


In the lower right corner you will find a map indicating the location of your device. This location is estimated by triangulating the signal to deliver the device’s geo-position. The precision depends on the Sigfox network and is normally between 1-20 km in radius.

Estimation of location of device (1 km from actual position):

How it works:

Read more: Sigfox Geolocation


Click [Add widget] in the top right corner to add a widget.

Currently you can only create a 3-day view.


In the Settings you can make the following changes:

  • Change phone number
  • Choose the default location that will show after logging in
  • Change name of location (Owners only)
  • Manage users (Owners only)
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