Beacon Fields

Remote Intelligence Solutions

Beacon Fields was founded in 2018 with the idea to contribute to global sustainability using technological developments. More specifically, Beacon Fields serves several industries where continuous and real-time measurements are vital for day to day operations. This includes variables such as temperature, moist, light intensity, growth or pressure which are important for industries such as agriculture, food processing, storage or building maintenance.

With a broad experience in the telecom industry and with a passion to leave our earth as good as possible for the next generation, we developed Remote Intelligence Solutions that support companies and organizations in their pursuit of reducing environmental footprint. This includes our own research & development and our collaboration with partners such as Sensohive.

Our solutions are adapted to ultimately contribute to a better world, time savings, cost reduction and better decisions for the company. To achieve these goals, Beacon Fields participates actively in case studies, projects and pilots with universities and users to improve the usability and quality of our solutions.

Beacon Fields
Noordwijk, Netherlands

“Introducing the Sensohive Orbit K’s in our flower bulb storage facilities has had a large positive impact on the efficiency of our day-to-day monitoring process. Monitoring the correct temperature in each storage room and the humidity conditions in the logistic areas enables us to control the entire plant remotely and have constant feedback of the temperature and humidity conditions. Alarms are set so that we can ensure that conditions are kept within preset bandwidths.”

Simon Pennings
CEO, WAM Pennings

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