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Founded in 2007 eSmiley is a software company specialised in food safety and the international HACCP-system. With more than 9.000 customers, eSmiley is today the largest provider of digital self-monitoring in Scandinavia.

eSmiley was created in the wake of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s so-called smiley system. The Smiley Scheme informs consumers and increases food companies’ compliance with rules and regulations – thus increasing food safety. The tighter regulations created a need for a digital self-monitoring system. The answer was eSmiley. An easy to use digital self-monitoring system which lighten the load for documentation and make it easy to comply with law, so that kitchens can maintain the highest standard of food safety.

eSmiley is built on three basic elements: Knowledge, software and service. Our skilled IT developers ensure that we have the most innovative system on the market and we work in close partnership with our clients to ensure their businesses meet regulatory requirements, whilst helping them to streamline food safety management processes and reduce risk in their kitchens.

eSmiley’s customer base is broad ranging from wholesale to retail, and extend as far as to major catering chains, hospitals and food trucks.

To make professional kitchens digital and as efficient as possible, eSmiley offers as well online hygiene courses, digital audit systems and sensors – with Sensohive as partner. Moreover, eSmiley recently launched a digital food waste tool that helps kitchens track and control food waste and increase profit.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sensohive has grown over the past couple of years to become one of our strongest allied partners. We have since day one not only met a team of innovative people, but also a team able to execute on ideas and bring it to implementation. The products from Sensohive have enabled us to expand our client offerings and enabled new opportunities for growth for us.

Lars Friis
CEO, eSmiley A/S

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