Beacon Fields was founded based on the idea of supporting agricultural businesses to reduce their environmental footprint by smart technology. Beacon Fields develops software solutions and both the Orbit K and Orbit 3 sensors are part of their product portfolio. The solutions create insights and enhance decision-making based on real-time data.

In summer 2018 they did a successful pilot using Orbit 3 sensors for the flower bulb grower WAM Pennings – one of the industry leaders in cultivating and exporting flower bulbs worldwide.


Monitoring daily processes with adequate reporting is an important task for agriculture and sometimes also obliged by law. The standard practice for data collection is done manually and is therefore a time-consuming and error-prone task.

“A few months ago I had to manually check my storages twice a day, report it and document it. Even during the weekend.” states Alan Visser of WAM Pennings. This is not needed today. Over 16 cooling and heating storages have been provided with Orbit sensors to provide direct insight into the real-time situation. Also, the optimal storing strongly influences the product quality and monitoring enables a reduction of fluctuating expense factor for e.g. heating or cooling.


Beacon Fields delivers a software solution using Sensohive sensors to support agriculture and the food industry. The sensors are monitoring climate conditions in storing facilities for flower bulbs in real-time. Thereby, the storing can be optimized as the system notifies when temperature and humidity deviate from a predefined value.

Furthermore, it is possible to connect the software with humidifiers and air conditioning systems to regulate according to the data. This saves time, creates higher efficiency, and ensures constant and accurate information. In addition to the internal reporting, you can simply make a print-out for management controllers or external inspection parties.

With the use of Sensohive sensors, time is saved, efficiency is enhanced, costs are reduced and constant and accurate data is provided. This leads to better decisions based on data-driven insights and facts.



About Beacon Fields

Beacon Fields was founded in 2018 and specializes in the agricultural industry. The company is based in the Netherlands and they have expanded their product range with Orbit 3 and Orbit K sensors to support companies and to optimize processes.

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