Fairs and exhibitions take place all over the world and are an important meeting point for businesses, investors, workers and other interested parties in an announced industry or with a shared interest area. Visiting a fair is often demanding, both for visitors and exhibitors, as vast areas are filled with a lot of people and concentration in doing business and also in casual networking requires constant focus.


Managing an exhibition facility for up to several million visitors each year requires optimization of all parameters in order to provide both visitors and exhibitors with an excellent experience.

Obviously, there are many aspects to consider but among these, air quality provided in the congress center is vital: ensuring the optimal temperature and humidity keeps exhibitors and visitors fresh and vigilant throughout a long and hard-working exhibition session. It is a huge challenge to ensure that the A/C is working properly throughout the extensive area and to make sure that the air quality is optimal in the whole exhibition areas and also in external facilities, for example in additional pavilions.

This is difficult to manage, as temperature and humidity are also influenced by the number of current visitors and exhibitors on the fair and by local weather conditions outside.


Using Orbit 3 sensors, a smart sensor solution can be integrated to automatically monitor humidity and temperature throughout the whole exhibition area. By using Sensohive hardware with a custom-made software it is able to monitor and improve air conditions in an instant, based on the measurement data from sensors placed around the exhibition area thus providing visitors and exhibitors with an excellent experience. With an optional API integration, the airconditioning system can automatically adjust based on the location-specific data in real-time.


Using Orbit 3 sensors creates value by ensuring optimal temperature and humidity conditions throughout the whole exhibition area. This also improves performance for the venue as the exhibition operator as well as well-being for the exhibitors and visitors.