Extreme and unpredictable weather conditions are getting more and more common. This change is challenging, especially for farmers, as their revenue stream is dependent on how well they adapt to the circumstances on time.


Late-season frost can be devastating for crops – and for a farmer’s business. When fruit trees blossom in the spring, unexpected late-season frosts can damage and destroy the tree buds, leading to drastically lower fruit harvest and big financial consequences.

To ensure that the crops are safeguarded, farmers use different heating and fan systems to increase the temperature by the trees. Heating an orchard during the frost season can cost 1200$ per hectare – and knowing where and when to turn on (and off) the heat can be a real challenge. On one side, the farmers don’t want to lose their crops, and on the other, they spend several thousand dollars on heating costs, decreasing their yearly profit.

Today, most farmers monitor temperature using manual, obsolete, and costly solutions. This includes traditional thermometers, where they have to run around in their orchards (often in the middle of the night) to record the temperature, and expensive weather stations, which are permanently installed at one location and don’t provide the broader insights required for sufficient frost management.


Deploying Orbit 3 sensors provides farmers with real-time crop monitoring, weather alarms, trends, forecasts, and recommendations via their intuitive mobile app.

The Orbit 3 sensors measure the air temperature and humidity across several orchards and sends the data using the wireless and long-range Sigfox network to be displayed in a mobile app. Further, API is possible to get all the data from the sensors and integrate it into the own crop enhancement systems.


Using Orbit 3 sensors creates value by reducing risks and costs while improving performance and convenience.

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Source: Cutting-edge technology helping farmers track the weather


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