Maturix™ is our cloud solution for real-time monitoring of the curing process of concrete. Above all, Maturix facilitates the optimization of cast and curing process on any construction site. The solution is already established in the precast sector and its advantages are also applicable to the in-situ casting of concrete.


At the in-situ casting, the concrete casting happens directly on site. Moving the location from an inside precast factory towards the site, obviously the number of external factors increases. For example weather, wind and temperature fluctuations impact the strength development of concrete heavily. With real-time measurements during the process, we can monitor how these external factors influence the curing. Unknown factors are quantified and therefore can be managed.

The standard practice is to pour test specimens and leaving them onsite to simulate the process: Assuming that their strength reflects the strength of the structure as they cure under the same conditions.

From our data we know, that the strength development of the concrete contrast strongly from these specimens. The development cannot be reflected or replicated. As a result of that, relying on test specimens is a potential source of errors.


Using our Orbit K transmitter, you can measure and monitor the surrounding influences and external effects. Most importantly, the impact is manageable and the insights are based on facts. In contrast to the standard practice and relying on estimation and drawing conclusions from specimens, you get exact data from our sensors.

With real-time insight and knowledge about the curing process and strength development of the structure, you can act accordingly. As a result, the validity of strength across the structure improves, the planning accuracy increases and it enables the optimization of the following processes.

The process is simple:

  1. Set up Orbit K transmitters
  2. Mount thermocouples with cable ties
  3. Connect Orbit K transmitter and start monitoring
  4. Cast the concrete
  5. Monitor, analyse and control data in real-time – on site or anywhere else – accessible through the cloud platform
  6. Act accordingly – therefore reducing risk, saving time and lowering costs



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