The Danish Company Care4farm is a tech startup that offers solutions to control various aspects around farming – from equipment control and measurements of the filling level of tanks to monitoring the temperature in silos and stacks via their solutions Siloview® and Stackview®.


On a farm, tasks change over the year, but one continuous task is to store agricultural products. For example harvest, grains, and potatoes are kept on the farm and it is important to store them optimally and at the right temperatures.

Therefore farmers have to make sure that e.g. their potato stacks or grain silos are stored in the correct way. This is often done by manually measuring the temperature, which is an error-prone and time-consuming task.


Care4farm uses Orbit K sensors to get insights and obtain knowledge about the current situation in the silos and stacks. The real-time temperature data is then transferred to an intuitive and easy-to-use application custom-built for farmers and the farming industry. This enables farmers to act according to the measurements and take the right decisions based on data. With this knowledge, heating/cooling of stacks and silos are optimized and costs are saved as there is no need for manually controlling the temperature.

With measuring and monitoring the storage automatically using wireless sensors, not only time and money is saved, but the product quality is also improved. As an example, fresh grain needs to be dehumidified first, usually with increasing the temperature and then cooling them down again to prevent germination in the long-term storage. Using sensors to continuously monitor this process creates valuable insight for optimization.


Using the Orbit K sensors creates value by reducing risks and costs, while also improving performance and convenience.

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About Care4farm

Care4farm’s mission is to make it easy at a minimum cost for farmers and agribusiness to monitor and operate tangible values. The company is based in Kolding, Denmark, and was founded in 2011 by Niels Bjerre, who is an enthusiastic farmer himself and carries on his parents’ farm.

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