Orbit 3

Wireless temperature and humidity sensor

When monitoring becomes easy

Orbit 3 is a simple and robust wireless temperature and humidity sensor.

The sensor can be used for both temperature monitoring in the freezers or refrigerator or even for climate monitoring in the area where you store vegetables.

The ultimate tool for easy climate monitoring

Orbit 3 is all you need to get started with climate monitoring. The sensor is a robust wireless temperature and humidity sensor, which can run for many years without maintenance. Just place the sensor where you would like it to monitor, and get notified on your mobile phone or tablet if any threshold is exceeded.

The sensor’s battery is extremely powerful – it is powerful enough to continuously monitor for over 10 years. The Orbit 3 is crafted in with robust materials, which makes it withstand most harsh industrial environments.

How Orbit 3 works

The Orbit 3 sensor is activated by tapping on it twice. The Orbit 3 is now monitoring its environment and will transmit the data directly to the Sensohive App in real-time.

You will be able to change the frequency of the monitoring, see graphs, set up alarms, and find API documentation in the Sensohive App.

Climate monitoring made easy and simple.

Globally connected without sim-card and roaming

The Orbit 3 sensor requires no installation of local gateways, sim-cards or Wi-Fi networks.

The sensor uses the world’s best network for sensors in the IoT-industry (Internet of Things), called Sigfox. This means the sensor will be online and send data directly to a cloud-based server without any local installations. In practice, this means that the sensor is easy to set up and to move around later on, even across borders to other countries.



Monitoring: Temperature and Humidity (% RH)
Tolerances: ±0,3 °C and ±2%
Operational temperature: -30 to 60 degrees Celsius
Gateways: Not required – but possible for enhanced network
Network: Sigfox
Monitoring interval: Standard: 30 min (can be adjusted)
Battery life time: Up to 10 years
Battery capacity: 5200mAh
Material enclosure: FDA approved ABS Plastic
Size: 75 x 21 mm (Ø x H)
Weight: 82 g