Orbit K

Wireless temperature sensor with type K thermocouple connector

Industry standard made easy

An intelligent solution for temperature monitoring on a cable or probe with a Type K thermocouple.

All you have to do is to insert the Type K thermocouple directly into the Orbit K to start the real-time temperature monitoring through the Sigfox wireless network.

The data will automatically be available to you in the Sensohive App on both mobile, tablets and PC.

Orbit K sensor

The ultimate tool for easy temperature monitoring

The Orbit K and a thermocouple is all you need to start the monitoring with real-time data through the globally available network, called Sigfox. The Orbit K has all you need to get started built directly into the unit – batteries, antennas, converters etc.


The sensor has a strong internal battery with a capacity of 5.400 mAh, which is enough to have live data transmitted from your device in up to 5 years depending on the transmission interval. It further has a battery hatch to further prolong the life time. The Orbit K is made with robust materials and will last in most industrial environments.

Orbit K side view

Examples on Type K sensors to connect

The Orbit K uses the Type K thermocouple standard. Simply plugin the needed design of the cable, and you will have real-time data transmitted directly from your device. The use of Type K gives you a huge flexibility to change the shape of your sensor during its lifetime.

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How Orbit K works

The Orbit K is activated with a single tap on the top shell. Insert the thermocouple cable and access the data with the Sensohive App. Adjust the sensor’s settings directly in the software to optimize the performance depending on your use case. The Sensohive App includes all you need in terms of analytics tools, SMS alarms and documentation for integrations. This is a simple and intuitive solution for easy and wireless temperature monitoring with Type-K thermocouples.

Globally connected without sim-card and roaming

The Orbit K sensor requires no installation of local gateways, sim-cards or Wi-Fi networks.

The sensor uses the world’s best network for sensors in the IoT-industry (Internet of Things), called Sigfox. This means the sensor will be online and send data directly to a cloud-based server without any local installations. In practice, this means that the sensor is easy to set up and to move around later on, even across borders to other countries.

Mounting options

The Orbit 3 sensor can be used in a wide range of applications and we therefore offer different mounting solutions:


  • 3M Dual Lock reclosable fasteners
  • 3M VHB tape
  • Cable tie mounts (self-adhesive)
  • Adjustable cable tie mounts (self-adhesive)
  • Neodymium magnets (self-adhesive)

If you need a specific mounting solution or one that is not represented above, please contact us.

NB: For mounting on dense, large or metallic surfaces, we advise to use a spacer for signal enhancement.

Mounting examples


SensorsTemperature (type K thermocouple)
Temperature (internal sensor)
Tolerances±1.5 °C (type K thermocouple, class 1) *
±0.3 °C (internal sensor)
Resolution0.1 °C
Measurement Range-200 to 1260 °C (External) **
Operating Temperature-30 to 50 °C
Operating Humidity0 to 95% RH ***
Transmission IntervalEvery 15 min (cable connected) ****
Every 6 hour (no cable connected)
Every week (downlink)
Measurement IntervalOnce per transmission
Battery Type2 x AA, 1.5V, alkaline or lithium
IP RatingIP30 (IP45 with optional tough box)
Radio ZonesRC1, RC7 (Sigfox Ready, Class 0)
RC2, RC4 (Pending, samples available)
Material EnclosureABS plastic (FDA approved)
Dimensions75 x 26 mm (Ø x H)
Weight58g (without batteries)
Radio Equipment Directive (RED)
Data Access & AnalysisSensohive App
Maturix® In-situ and Maturix® Precast

* The tolerance of the external temperature sensor depends on the type K thermocouple in use. Standard are around ±2.2 °C. We offer high-quality type K thermocouple wire probes, ±1.5 °C, Class 1.

** Dependent on the type K thermocouple. Maximum temperature difference between device and thermocouple measurement is -200 °C.

*** Non-condensing environment.

**** Small deviations might occur. The standard transmission interval can be adjusted in Sensohive App or by contacting support.