Gaia 220

Upcoming Product Launch: Humidity Monitoring

Real-time Humidity Monitoring is accurate. easy. accessible from anywhere.

Exciting news! We are launching a new relative humidity monitoring solution.
An accurate probe with an integrated system to prevent the sensor from drifting and IoT technology make it a great solution for various applications.

Continuous monitoring relative humidity inside materials has been a challenge.


On the one hand, accurate monitoring required several visits and samplings to gain insight into the humidity status. Thus, only data in a certain point in time has been collected. Then, the optimal humidity status has either been not reached yet, or exceeded.

On the other hand, sensors monitoring relative humidity continuously, occurred to drift overtime. Extreme humid conditions tend to influence and falsify the measurements, leading to more conservative data.


We address both challenges by using our state-of-the-art humidity probe with an Anti-Drift-System actively preventing the sensors to drift and combining it with modern IoT technology.

The newly designed probe enables accurate measurements over time while the wireless transmitter transfers the measurements in real-time to the cloud. The data is then accessible from anywhere using a smartphone or computer. Setting up notifications makes sure that you are updated on the latest relative humidity status in real-time and you can act accordingly.


The solution is designed to be used in various applications. Monitoring relative humidity inside fresh concrete to monitor the curing process and determine the optimal timing to start the flooring or monitoring the relative humidity in a building where moisture problems emerge. This could be for example after a flood or leaking water pipes. Knowing the relative humidity status inside the structure then determines, when you can remove the dehumidifier, which is usually a rented and expensive equipment.